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Our Comparison With Out Competitors

Competitors Company
29 ga 28ga Roof Siding
Q+y 2-2x6 Treated Skirt Boards
60” Deep Holes
In Business over 30 Years
3/8 rebar Q+y 2 Full 2x6 Anti Lift
Trusses 2’ oc
Lam Columns 8 oc
#2 #2 Premium 2x4 Purlins 2’ oc
2# Trusses With 5# Bottom Cord
About Grand Builds

Servicing All Of Ohio & Indiana for Pole Barns and Garage Builds

At Grand Builds Pole Barns and Garages are our only business. This allows us to operate at the highest efficiency production level. Since our skilled Amish crew have our building process down to a science, it saves a lot of labor cost - a savings we can pass along to you, the customer. Most of our customers are amazed how efficiently and proficiently our buildings (or pole barns and garages) go up.

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